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Sixt Car Rental Karlovy Vary

If you are out for a vacation in Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic, a Sixt car rental is all you need to enjoy what this charming city has to offer. Going for an organized tour can be rather hectic and boring, but when you rent a car, you can individually pick your places of interest, and maximize on the time you spend in Karlovy Vary. From Sixt, you can get a wide selection of car rentals to pick from. A BMW X5 or Mercedes-Benz GL would for instance be ideal if you wish to pamper yourself, but if you want cheaper Sixt car rentals, you can go for a VW Jetta, a Toyota Corolla or Hyundai Accent. The company also offers services such as LDW insurance and if necessary, you can also add additional drivers. Note however, there's zero tolerance for drink driving in this country. Besides, any passenger using the front seat must be 12 years and older and if you are driving around Karlovy Vary town, your speed cannot exceed 50km/hr.

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Explore Karlovy Vary (the spa town) with Sixt Car Rental

Karlovy Vary is a beautiful town found in Western Bohemia in Czech Republic. Being a spa town, Karlovy Vary is always very busy -it is not only among the oldest, but is also the most frequented spa town in this country. One of Karlovy Vary's most outstanding features is its hot springs. There are 12 of these in different parts of Karlovy Vary, though the most popular one is the one enclosed by the Hot spring Colonnade (built in 1975).If you would like to enjoy a magnificent view of the town and also connect with its history after a visit to these healing waters, you can make your way to the Diana Observation Tower and then head to the Karlovy Vary Museum. Optionally, you can rent a car and drive to the Moser Museum and glass factory which stocks some of the oldest, highest quality glass pieces.

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Sixt advantages?

  • New cars - on average
    3 months old
  • Premium fleet of German
  • Renting a car is quick and easy
  • Unlimited mileage
    in the driveway
  • Interesting events and
  • Customer support 24/7

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