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Sixt car rental specializes in short and long term car rental in Prague and other czech cities. You can choose a technically proven cars from our fleet, but we will meet you absolutely every wish. We are able to rent a car upon request at unbeatable prices. How is it possible? Because you have chosen for long-term lease cars from rental car winning several prestigious awards. For example, the price of TTG Award and the latest price of Fleet Award for the best car rental in the Czech Republic. Our customers are still the most used long-term lease of our special vehicles to CNG, the prestigious German car brand Mercedes Benz.

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The benefits that brings long-term lease of vehicles

  • Your only worry is paying for the rent and fuel.
  • The price for renting a car contains liability and emergency service.
  • We will provide a replacement car if necessary (accident, failure, etc.)
  • The car that you rent will be new or used up half of the year with low kilometres.
  • Assistance services at worldwide locations.
  • You can change the car during the rental time (smaller, larger, with a larger carrying capacity etc.)
  • Delivery and pick up trucks or cars is possible at Sixt departement throughout the Czech Republic.


Sign up as a business customer today and enjoy all the benefits we offer. Up to 15 % discount rates, first class service and flexible business terms.

We offer proven and technically safe cars that will not disappoint you when you travel with your family and can also famously present your company on business trips. Try long-term rental car too. Do not hesitate to contact us today. Informations for corporate clients

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