Motorbike rental

Sixt car rental have a new type of fun! You can rent motorbike CAN-AM at the Sixt branches in Prague - Prague Main Train Station and Václav Havel Airport.

In Czech Republic you only need driver's license for a car.

Under the SIXT RENT A MOTORBIKE service, the SIXT car rental company rents the popular Canadian CAN-AM tricycles.
These comfortable motorbikes are safe, atractive, stylish and you can choose from three colors - an elegant black, an energetic red or a mysterious green. 

Motorbike reservation


Premium motorcyckle in the SIXT fleet

Hot news for the 2021 season - luxury experiences with CAN-AM SPYDER. You can only try it for a short time or go on a longer trip and holiday. We offer an unlimited number of kilometers and lots of luggage space. You can give a motorbike rental as a gift with the Sixt Gift Voucher.

Why rent a motorbike:

  • paying only for the ride
  • you don´t lose money by falling the price of a motorcycle
  • you don´t have an operating and maintenance costs
  • no worries about parking and protecting your motorbike
  • you can choose different type of motorbikes
  • the unconventional gift


Look at luxury tricycles CAN-AM


How much does this stylish ride cost?

See our price list below. Prices are approximate in CZK, incl. VAT. (The rental price doesn´t include the provision of a spare motorcycle or spare transport.)

The other important informations:

  • Motorbikes CAN-AM are regularly serviced by the Lessor.
  • The costs of routine maintenance, repairs, oils and replenishment of fluids during the lease are borne by the Lessee.
  • The Lessee is obliged to replenish the types of fluids or lubricants only in accordance with the Operator's Manual.
  • The Lessee is obliged to check the attachment of the accessories after driving the first 50 km. If it necessary, better fasten or tighten it.
  • The Lessee is obliged to check or replenish the condition of operating fluids after driving 300 km.

Do you need any advice? Write to Mo-Fri 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM.

Reservation CAN-AM

The price list of motorbike CAN-AM

1 hour 2 hours 1 day
999 CZK 1 444 CZK 3 333 CZK
1 day(24h) during weekend (Fri,Sa,Su)

All weekend (Fri 12 PM - Mo 9 AM)

1 day (for rentals longer than 4 days)
5 555 CZK 9 999 CZK 2 222  CZK
Prices are approximate, incl. VAT

Reservation form

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