Martin Sixt founds the company "Sixt Autofahrten und Selbstfahrer". It starts operating with seven cars - four Mercedes and three Luxus-Deutz-Landaulets. Sixt owns one of the first car rental companies in Germany, specializing in day rentals and travel.


Vehicles with drivers are confiscated for the needs of the army.


1919 Martin Sixt buys premises in Seitzstrasse no. 11 in Munich, where even now we can find one of the most visited Sixt stations in the city.


Martin Sixt passes the company on to his nephew Hans Sixt. The eight-cylinder Isotta-Frascini and the large six-cylinder Renault are added to the rental cars. Due to problems with the purchase of spare parts for foreign cars, Sixt has only used Mercedes cars since 1929.


The economic boycott in Germany leaves deep marks on travel and thus on the car rental business. Sixt is affected by a sharp drop in income.


The German Wehrmacht confiscates all vehicles belonging to Sixt. Only the seven-seater Mercedes 230 Landaulet is hidden in the barn to survive the war unscathed.


Martin Sixt died in May 1945. His life and business success to date are buried in the rubble of war.


Commencement of business after World War II with the Mercedes 230 Landaulet as an Export-Taxi service for members of the US Army.


Hans Sixt is the first in Europe to operate a radio taxi in Munich. The equipment is imported from the United States.


1951 Establishment of the "Auto Sixt" car rental company.


The first offices opened at the airports in Frankfurt am Main and Munich.


1966 "Auto Sixt" is the first German company to launch a vehicle leasing program.


Erich Sixt, the current chairman of the board of Sixt AG, is the third generation to enter the family business.


The program also includes truck rental.


Obtaining a "Budget Rent a car" license for Germany. All Sixt stations are therefore included in the international network of the third largest car rental company. Sixt opens stations at all major airports.


Acquisition of the "Carey-Limousine-Service" license, the world's leading driver rental company. Sixt thus joins 5 continents, 50 countries and 400 cities with a covered reservation network in this area.


Establishment of "Auto Sixt Leasing GmbH" (ASL) together with the Disko-Group in Dusseldorf.


Name change from "Auto Sixt" to "Sixt Autovermietung GmbH". Logo: "Sixt / Budget".


"Sixt Aktiengesellschaft" launches on the market.


Establishment of "Sixt Leasing GmbH".


"Sixt Autovermietung Schweiz" begins operations.


Establishment of Sixt branches at ICE railway stations.


Sixt Group and Sixt AG form a holding company. Branching of the trade under the heading "Sixt GmbH & Co Autovermietung KG.


Pan-European cooperation with "Deutsche Lufthansa AG". Sixt becomes the main partner of the Lufthansa Miles More program. Sixt becomes the leading car rental company in Germany.


Cooperation with German railways. Sixt is the first company listed on the Internet.


"Sixt Leasing GmbH" se transformuje na "Sixt Leasing AG". První na světě: samoobslužné automaty pro pronájem vozu. Služba CarExpress OnBoard spolu s lufthansou. První rakouská pobočka otevřena na letišti ve Vídni.


"Sixt Travel GmbH" started operations. Sixt signs a cooperation agreement with the German car club ADAC. Sixt establishes a reservation center in Rostock with 150 employees. 1992 130 stations opened in France, including airports in Paris, Nice, Lyon and Bordea.


Sixt opens branches at all major airports in Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Hungary, Malta, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Tunisia, Morocco, Martinique, Guadeloupe, La Reunion and New Zealand. Sixt now owns 1,000 more branches in Europe, a reservation center in Washington (USA), sales departments in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Toronto and Australia. Sixt takes over the entire "Sixt Travel GmbH". Cooperation agreements with strategically important airlines such as United Airlines / Mileage Plus, exclusive partner of Air Littoral and Lauda Air, Air France "Frequency Plus" and KLM "Flying Dutchman", as well as business partner from EI AI and other Frequent Traveler Clubs . Sixt also becomes a partner of the Qualiflyer program and the exclusive partner of Hilton Hotels in Europe and Hilton HHonors worldwide.


Sixt signs with Dollar Rent a Car, one of America's leading car rental companies, making it part of one of the largest markets in the region in the world.


Sixt is expanding and is already in more than 90 countries around the world. It operates a low cost SIXTi car rental company with a variable price of EUR 5 per day in the same online system as the airlines. This project is successfully launched in the Czech Republic. The contract with Dollar is terminated, especially for the mutual non-fulfillment of the qualitative criteria required by Sixt due to its focus on corporate clients and business trips of employees.


Sixt has reached 100 years since its founding. It is the oldest international car rental in the world. Founded in Germany and still managed as a family business, although part of the shares are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. SIXT's market share in Germany is almost 40%.


The expansion hit the USA, the first open branch in Miami, Florida was launched with an initial fleet of 300 cars at one branch. Sixt had the same number for the whole of the Czech Republic at the same time. SIXT LEASING is expanding and for this reason a major franchisor in Italy has lost its license and Italy has become a new corporate country and not only a leasing team is being built, but all branches in the new SIXT open space style are being reconstructed or built quickly.

SIXT and BMW have established a joint venture Drive Now - the only profitable carsharing operated in Berlin, Munich, San Francisco and other cities.

A new MyDriver product was introduced as a cheaper alternative to Sixt Limousine Service, even for the Czech Republic.


Sixt has exceeded the number of 115 countries in the world where SIXT branches can be found.


Sixt has exceeded the number of 115 countries in the world where SIXT branches can be found.


Sixt experienced the largest increase in the value of its shares (the price has increased almost tenfold since 2008) and its sales exceeded all historical highs. Sixt sold the DriveNow project and in October 2019 launched a spectacular project that had no competition on the market - the Sixt App RENT-SHARE-RIDE. From the winter of 2019, a scooter platform has even been added to the system. Sixt thus strives to capture the entire time portfolio of people's travel needs (long-term rentals, leaisng, fleet management, weekend rentals, van and truck rentals, motorcycles, scooters, carsharing, car rentals with drivers, airport transfers, luxury limousine service for embassy, ​​carsharing scooter,…)


Sixt continues to grow in the carsharing project. However, the global crisis with COVID 19 has ordered government closures to close the branches of the rental company, and Sixt has meanwhile successfully strengthened its role as carsharing and operative leasing. Sixt shares increase value compare the other car rental companies due to heavy focus of Sixt strategy to modern technologies and shared services.


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