The SIXT branch in Černokostelecká st., 160, P10 is ready to hand over your motorhome. There is enough time for delivery, the SIXT employee will book 60-90 minutes for you. They will explain all the details of how to use the motorhome's interior equipment to your best feeling of safety and comfort with the SIXT motorhome and its partners. The motorhome will be fully ready for use and refueled. You return the motorhome at the end of the rental, fully refueled.

After picking up the motorhome from SIXT, you can park it in the Sixt branch area (Černokostelecká st., 160, P10), FREE of charge for the entire rental period.

It is simple. All you need is a so-called ordinary driver's license, driving license group B, for vehicles up to 3.5 tons. That is, a "driver's license for people." You rent cars from SIXT car rental, or even small trucks from SIXT. So start a family and go on vacation! Group B is always enough for you. The only thing to keep in mind is that the motorhome is longer and when you park, it is better for the members of your hotel-motorhome holiday to get out and show you how far you are from obstacles. But when you rent a motorhome again, you can do it you.

After signing the lease agreement, you will usually make a deposit of 50% of the rent plus a deposit of CZK 25,000 by bank card. After the return, you will pay the remaining 50% and the security deposit of 25,000 crowns will be returned to you. The preferred method of payment for all payments is by bank transfer. This is about your safety, but also our safety. We do our best to make your alternative holiday happy again. We also like to travel in motorhomes. The deposit covers any damage to the car, interior or dishes or camping seats, and will be refunded as soon as we make sure that the motorhome and equipment have been handed over in undamaged condition.

Yes. The price of motorhome rental from SIXT will also include VAT, complete car insurance, road tax, motorway stamp in the Czech Republic, or other agreed services or fees. You can read about the deposit above. Please do not pollute the car with inappropriate behavior sometimes bordering on vandalism. If we take back a car that is extremely dirty or in conflict with the agreed return conditions (undefeated, muddy parts of the interior, smoky cigarettes, non-compliance with the rules regarding the bathroom, etc., we will charge you a penalty of up to CZK 25,000.

Countries in Europe have introduced highway signs and tolls. We will not solve the toll for you in advance, but you will have a stamp for the Czech Republic on the motorhome. To countries such as Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, etc. you will need either adhesive or electronic stamps. For German cities ecological green vignette the same as for cars. SIXT will bother you with them, just mention it in advance in the order. If you are interested in the European toll system, click here:

By law, motorhomes are liable, which we had to pay. This protects you as third party liability insurance. So you are covered in case of damage to property and persons outside your motorhome. Liability for damage or theft of the car and its contents is covered by accident insurance, which we also arranged for motorhomes and is limited in your favor to the limit of 25,000 crowns, which you deposited as a deposit. Of course, all in accordance with the insurance conditions usual on the market. Insurance is arranged with Czech insurance companies, not with foreign ones. We quantify the damage completely responsibly. The SIXT Damage Department in Prague 7-Holešovice, which operates both for car rental and leasing, as well as for motorhome rental, will responsibly and conscientiously check the damage and pricing it for you. However, such an offended turn signal is included in the price. Insurance coverage mainly covers you for large damages that could unnecessarily burden your budget. But honestly… on motorhomes, the damage is minimal, compared to car rental.

In the event of an accident colliding with another vehicle, always call the police. Send us the record (even in the local language). It is very important. Next, call the infoline listed in the vehicle documents and inform us about the accident. We will usually direct you to the nearest motorhome service, or we will provide an assistance service. If you miss any equipment, contact us anyway. The advantage of SIXT is that it has branches practically all over Europe. It has no motorhome rental. You can find the numbers on us in the vehicle documents

With regard to insurance cover, motorhomes may: Albania, Andorra, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Macedonia, Malta, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, the insurance DOES NOT ALLOW to travel with a motorhome to the following countries: Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus.

One way rentals are allowed individually for each situation upon the possibility of european country boarders limits. SIXT Czech Republic is ready to deliver the motorhome also in other countries of Europe, to make pleasure of your european holiday.

We rent motorhomes (campers) and not buses. Although SIXT can alternatively offer you multi-seat Mercedes for 9 people from its fleet. Our ADRIA cars have beds for 4 adults, so a family of two adults and three children will also enjoy a travel trip or vacation in all its glory. There are a total of 5 seats (with seat belts) in motorhomes (motor homes). Traveling at 5 is less comfortable, but it's not uncommon. However, we can rent you various cars for a larger group of people: a motorhome, a cabriolet, or a ŠKODA SUPERB, where with the so-called double floor, the seats can be folded up completely "paid for". (Unlike the VW Passat, for example.) Or rent two motorhomes and let the children communicate with each other via walkie-talkies. You will see how your holiday becomes the most beautiful holiday experience for children. 

ADRIA motor homes have 4-wheel holders on the back of the motorhome. The garage next to the motorhome is a "large cavity" in the back of the motorhome, accessible from the outside. You can comfortably store bicycles, camping equipment or even a motorcycle in it.

We clean and disinfect all caravans before each rental. We use new antiviral and antibacterial cleaning agents to disinfect our vehicles, the branches have an ozonator for disinfecting both the vehicles and the interior spaces of the branches. The SIXT team and our maintenance experts are committed to following strict guidelines to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and vehicles. We also ask for the cooperation of you, our customers. Please follow the instructions of our staff and protect yourself and others in the rented car by regularly using disinfectants and disinfectant wipes.

In general, all car parks can be also used with a motorhome or caravan. However, there are apps for smartphones that will guide you and help you install them when handing over the motorhome, and these so-called apps will accompany you not only on the way to the parking lot, but also to the camp, to the outlet, to the station with the possibility of drinking water. . You will be thrilled. Finally, try another way than just getting on a plane and flying away. Your children will be grateful to you. They will have something to tell their classmates.

You return your rental motorhome at the agreed time at the sime place where you picked it up - Sixt, Černokostelecká st. 160, P10, Prague. If you know you can't make it on time, don't worry and let us know (at least 2 hours in advance) that your original motorhome return time has changed and SIXT will take care of the rest. Refuel the car, clean it of mud, go through the bathroom instructions at the beginning and bring it back.

Our CEO and also the owner of SIXT CR, Mr. František Pačes (company car Jaguar F-Pace or Mercedes GLE), traveled with a motorhome to Scandinavia. His whole family was thrilled. Or our sales director, Petr Kosmák; he could tell. It was at the time of coronavirus that he was able to travel safely abroad. He didn't need a hotel or a restaurant. He went to the Austrian Alps (Eagle's Nest, Dachstein, Salzburg's salt mines) with his whole family and actually took his hotel with him. He returned excited. And his teenage sons were even more excited. "Daddy, will we take the motorhome again?"