January - June

Sixt started its operations in the Czech Republic in December 1998, represented by Speed ​​Rent a.s., Sixt Franchisee. Offices opened at Prague's Ruzyně Airport and in the center of Prague. Since the beginning of its activity, Sixt ČR has been one of the few car rental companies to offer online connections between all European and world Sixt stations.

July - December

As part of its program, Sixt offers free issuance of SixtExpress cards, which will speed up and make renting more convenient at any branch in the world.


January - June

Due to the expansion of the business, other branches were opened at the beginning of 1999 (Karlovy Vary, Brno Airport, Brno City). The interest of clients is growing and with it the size of the vehicle fleet, which at that time is more than 100 vehicles of such brands as Volkswagen, Ford, Skoda and especially the full range of Mercedes-Benz cars, which Sixt lends as the only car rental in the Czech Republic for short-term rentals. . There are also off-road vehicles, convertibles or luxury limousines.

July - December

In September 1999, Sixt also opened its first branch in Slovakia, in the center of Bratislava - at the Holiday Inn Hotel. Another important station follows - Bratislava Airport.


January - June

Another branch opened in the Czech Republic (České Budějovice) due to its convenient location on the map of the Czech Republic. At this time, Sixt CR is also expanding its offer to rent motorcycles, boats and motor boats, jet skis and motor homes. At the beginning of 2000, the vehicle fleet already contained more than 150 vehicles. These are changed every 6 months so that the client always has a new vehicle, without defects and in perfect condition.

July - December

In September 2000, Sixt, as one of the main car rental companies, arranges vehicles for meetings of the International Monetary Fund, primarily Mercedes-Benz cars. At the same time, Sixt CR is also included in the Sixt Global Chauffeur Drive program, one of the largest driver car rental networks in the world. Cooperation with the Four Seasons Hotel is being concluded.


January - June

At the beginning of 2001, Sixt established an office in Košice at the airport and in Prague 10. Cooperation was initiated with the Hilton Hotel in Prague under a global agreement.


The portfolio of our brands has again expanded to include VW Polo, Golf, Passat


To a greater extent, we are starting to issue Sixt Cards, which are useful for smooth check-in for foreign loans. The forms of these cards are available to you on our website - here.


As the first car rental company, we have installed all our parking spaces in car park C at Prague's Ruzyně Airport with an orientation system for easier finding of your car, and as the only car rental company we have Fast lane priority check-in in car park C.



New branch in Barrandov Studios, not only for film and television clients. A cooperation agreement signed between CSA and Sixt. On the occasion of the beginning of the cooperation, an exposition of a billboard and a car in wedding decoration was unveiled in the arrival hall of the new Prague - Ruzyně Airport. The contract was signed with the participation of the top management of CSA, CSL and Sixt. In honor of the start of this cooperation, the customer will receive 2000 OK Plus mil


Audi cars have been added to our fleet.


We are increasing the fleet with other new models VW, Volvo, Audi, Mercedes Benz to the satisfaction of all customers.


Our branch in the center of Prague is affected by floods. The branch is temporarily closed, but despite this handicap, we continue to serve our clients from other offices at the highest level.


As the only car rental company on the domestic market, we are adding a SMART car to our fleet, so popular in Europe, which is immediately becoming one of the most sought-after vehicles.


Before the winter season, we are currently including the Mercedes Benz ML class, with a COMMON RAIL diesel engine.


As one of the few car rental companies, we change the complete vehicle fleet to winter tires, thus satisfying a wide clientele.


We are opening another branch in Prague, exclusively in the new Daimler-Chrysler building in Prague 4. Here, mainly Mercedes Benz cars are rented.


January - May

We are continuously increasing our vehicle fleet to satisfy all clients, especially in the spring and summer months. We provide transportation for golfers, we book Holiday Cars.


We are opening a new branch in the prestigious Hilton Hotel, and we are starting to sell other products, namely the pre-sale of TICKEPRO ticket reservations and the sale of air tickets and sightseeing tours.

July - August

Increase in trade, inclusion of new models in our fleet, especially SMART ROADSTER or Mercedes Benz SL 55 AMG, which we offer as the only car rental in the Czech Republic.


Creation of a new product called SIXT LEASE, which offers all operational leasing services and including car fleet management.


SIXT Czech Republic was awarded as the best service provider under the SIXT brand from all 60 countries in which SIXT has branches.



SIXT car rental helps healthcare and provided a car for the transport of blood to the Institute for Mother and Child in Prague.


SIXT car rental is coming to the market with an internet product of low-cost car rental, which you can find at http://www.sixti.cz/


Mercedes Benz C and A, Škoda Superb cars in the car rental fleet are equipped with navigation systems. SIXT is thus again the first in the Czech Republic and even remains the only one with navigation. All activities when booking a car are performed online without the presence of the staff and at any time you can decide to change the date (or change the price) of your choice.

Winter 2004

SIXT is involved in supporting the extremely successful ski jumper Jakub Janda.


corporate party



SIXT has included Cadillac CTS cars in its fleet, the comfort of which will surprise you..


Close to heaven - partnership.

The second-hand car dealership was moved to Hostivař.


Prague Airport Exhibition - Winter 2005



opening of a branch in České Budějovice


HUMMER H2 and H3 in the fleet


Lufthansa Call Center in Brno - exclusive partner - direct connection with the SIXT CZ call center and the Lufthansa call center for the CEMEA region


Tomáš Enge - Shanghai - A1GP races - winner of the main race

"Halfway Houses" by the J.J. Pestallozino - provide a temporary refuge for young people leaving children's homes or without a family background

HC SPARTA - sponsoring HC Sparta Prague - champions - TIPSPORT ice hockey extra league


Samer Issa - SuperStar finalist


Redemption Miles ČSA


new BBCentrum branch - 15.9. Grand opening


Alberto Tomba in Prague - SIXT as a sponsor

Juicy Weekend - sponsor - rental of 4 Mercedes-Benz cars




"SIXT car rental helps healthcare" The Mother and Child Institute drives a new VW Passat.


Prague Airport exposition - spring


At the end of 2007, SIXT received two very important awards. The event is all the more significant because SIXT in the Czech Republic received two awards at once, making it the best SIXT country among the other 86 countries in the world where SIXT provides its services.

Best partner - leasing award for the best customer service, for the role of "customer partner" and for the implementation of international SIXT standards

Best customer service - rent award for the best services and customer care of a car rental company, for the development of business activities with corporate clients, for meeting the expectations of corporate customers.



From 1.1.2008, our company became a joint-stock company SPEED LEASE a.s.

Men's Challenge come to the right TESCO stores and win an "adventure" trip to Marrakech with ProcterGamble

Sixt Monitor SPEED LEASE a.s. launched a new service SIXT-MONITOR [http://www.sixt-monitor.cz] for tracking the movement and use of the fleet.



Reaching the limit of 3000 cars in operating leasing


Sixt has won two more prestigious awards:

FLOTILA AWARD: The best car rental - partner of the fleet manager

FLOTILA AWARD: The best product - comfort full service operative leasing "

The largest car rental in the Czech Republic

Franchise of the month


Ecological project Sixt Green Rent

ACTE Meeting in Prague


Fly Emirates started flying to the Czech Republic and SIXT ČR gained the exclusive right to provide Business / FirstClass / InvitionOnly limousine service passengers in BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Škoda Superb cars. At the same time, Sixt started operating their Škoda Limousine Service for Škoda Auto, for which it received personal praise from the CEO of Škoda Auto for the professional behavior and perfect driving of Sixt drivers. A similar compliment came from the Police of the Czech Republic, especially with the emphasis on high experience and evaluation of the best trained drivers for driving in convoys of diplomatic vehicles in Sixt.



Sixt ČR, together with the SIXT GLOBAL group, is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Sixt is the oldest international car rental company in the world. Founded in Germany and still managed as a family business, although part of the shares are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. SIXT's market share in Germany is almost 40%. Owned on the Czech market by private individuals and the company Speed ​​Lease a.s. (SIXT CR) is the number one provider of comprehensive mobility services for corporate clients (CAR RENTAL-OPERATIONAL LEASING-CHAUFFEUR SERVICE-AUTOBAZAR) on the Czech market.


The expansion hit the USA, the first open branch in Miami, Florida was launched with an initial fleet of 300 cars at one branch. Sixt had the same number for the whole of the Czech Republic at the same time. SIXT LEASING is expanding and for this reason a major franchisor in Italy has lost its license and Italy has become a new corporate country and not only a leasing team is being built, but all branches in the new SIXT open space style are being reconstructed or built quickly.

SIXT and BMW have established a joint venture Drive Now - the only profitable carsharing operated in Berlin, Munich, San Francisco and other cities.

A new MyDriver product was introduced as a cheaper alternative to Sixt Limousine Service, even for the Czech Republic.


Sixt has exceeded the number of 115 countries in the world where SIXT branches can be found.

Mr. František Pačes, CEO of SIXT ČR, who has been with the company since 1998, definitely becomes the owner of the Czech SIXT (in the role of the sole owner).



Sixt CR has been on the market for 20 years. It was the first of three initial franchises personally signed by the Sixt family, and the expansion in the Czech Republic was not long in coming. Czech Sixt re-enters Slovakia with its business activities, which it sold the franchise in 2005. This time the rental is still operated by a former subfranchant, but the franchisee for operating leases (SIXT LEASING brand) is provided directly by Sixt ČR (Speed ​​Lease Slovakia s.r.o. - SIXT LEASING SLOVAKIA). The aim of such a step is to provide Czech-Slovak companies with the care they are already accustomed to, especially from the Czech Republic, and to facilitate the management of the company's car fleet when entering the Slovak market.


For the first time in history, the Czech SIXTt fleet includes Chevrolet Camaro cars (at the time it was the only model of its type in the Czech territory) for rent just at Sixt. Another addition is the RANGE ROVER or MASERATI Levante, and other premium brands are planned. Sixt thus confirms its strategy of being a premium car rental company for ordinary people as well. Do not only offer cars, but also offer an experience for comparable money. QUALITY HAS A FUTURE - is the motto by which Sixt in the Czech Republic tries to draw attention to lingering values..


Sixt strengthens the electronic and digitization of branch operations to make it easier for customers to meet their requests. The global crisis with COVID 19 from government regulations ordered the closure of the stone branches of the rental company, as well as in connection with the closure of state borders and airspace over the Czech Republic, the SIXT branch in Ruzyně has been closed which still needs to travel, and Sixt has meanwhile successfully strengthened its role as carsharing and operating leasing.



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