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Sixt rent a car has a novelty! Sixt brings you new product RENT A CARAVAN now. Motorhome rental became very popular during the COVID 19 hotel hospitality restriction, which motorhomes can substitute with its privacy, high standard of hygiene and individual travel possibilities. Customer of SIXT RENT A CARAVAN will find Adria Matrix motorhomes (choose from the Axess or Plus models), Hobby Vantana Ontour, motorhome Carado or motorhome Hymer. You can choose between two gear models in Sixt new motorhomes fleet - with an automatic transmission or a manual. What types of caravan - motorhome can you find with us?

  • Alcove
  • Integrated motor homes
  • Semi-integrated motor homes
  • Motorhome installations

Caravan fleet of SIXT has a large selection of motorhomes for 4 people, but also larger motor homes for a family of 5 and 6 people. Prices range out of season (October - May) from 2 200 CZK / day incl. VAT , in high season from 3 900 CZK / day incl. VAT.

What you will not find with us at the moment are classic trailers, but we are going to offer them in the future as well, so you can look forward to it!

Adria Matrix - manual transmission Adria Matrix- automatic transmission Hobby Vantana - manual transmission

Adria 1m

Other accessories and services

Do you want to rent other accessories for your motorhome? Wishes are welcome, Sixt is ready to fill travelers dreams ! The offer may also include bicycle holders, camping equipment, camping chairs, dishes, a spare gas bomb or a large sunblind on the car. On request, we can also lend you bedding. (SIXT cooperates with the Hilton Hotel in Prague for laundry.)

The equipment of the motorhome depends on the specific date and the customer's request, so we will create a tailor-made offer for each order: automatic / manual, number of people, date, equipment requirements and recommended solution. Are you interested in renting a caravan? Please contact the reservation department SIXT and tell us the requirements for the date and number of people. We will then help you choose the most suitable model just for you.

Available dates

Motorhomes from SIXT are taken over at SIXT Prague Main Railway Station branch in city centre. Even now that some motorhomes are rented in cooperation with verified partners, everything is provided at the Main Railway Station in Prague . You also have FREE PARKING  with Sixt rent a caravan for the entire duration of the caravan – motorhome rental, you can leave your car in the SIXT car park. After returning the motorhome, you can pick up your car here.

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Sixt has a range of motorhomes for travelers


We will offer you a car according to availability exactly tailored to your requirements. We can even arrange smaller two-seater motorhomes for SIXT customers. The basic fleet of motorhomes consists of the premium ADRIA brand.

The photographs were used with the kind permission of Mr. M. Hulín from Karavany Česko, Hládkov 12, Prague 6, contractual partner SIXT RENT A CARAVAN.

How much does motorhome holiday?

What you will pay for such individual holiday, what you can spent for such a luxury and comfort holiday ? Take a look at our price list. Prices are per day, in CZK, incl. VAT.

Do you need advice? Write to Mon-Fri between 8-16:30.

For tenants of SIXT motorhomes, the contact telephone number is always stated in the documents in the vehicle and this is available throughout the week, incl. telephone mobile number.

Do you want a motorhome for the whole summer, or do you want to use it as a cottage for a longer period of time? Send an inquiry to and we will be happy to suggest an individual price.

Prices include:

  • Compulsory liability, accident insurance
  • Non-stop helpline
  • Motorway stamps of the Czech Republic (on request CH and AT))
  • Fully equipped bathroom, kitchen and bedroom
  • FREE on request 2 mountain bikes and a camping set
  • Handover of the car in the center of Prague

*For rentals for a period of 3 days or less, a service fee of CZK 1500-2500 can be charged, depending on the season.

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Season - months 06, 07, 08, 09

Type of caravan 1 - 10 days 11 and more days
Adria Matrix AUTOMAT 4 300 CZK / day 4 000 CZK / day
Adria Matrix MANUAL 4 200 CZK / day 3 900 CZK / day
Hobby Vantana MANUAL individual individual

Offseason - months 11, 01, 02, 03

Type of caravan 1 - 10 days 11 and more days
Adria Matrix AUTOMAT 2 500 CZK / day 2 300 CZK / day
Adria Matrix MANUAL 2 400 CZK / day 2 200 CZK / day
Hobby Vantana MANUAL individual individual

Between seasons - months 04, 05, 10, 12

Type of caravan 1 - 10 days 11 and more days
Adria Matrix AUTOMAT 3 300 CZK / day 2 900 CZK / day
Adria Matrix MANUAL 2 900 CZK / day 2 800 CZK / day
Hobby Vantana MANUAL individual individual
Price incl. VAT

SIXT is a premium motorhome rental at prices as a competition.
What services do we offer?

Kilometres SIXT RENT A CARAVAN offers you 250 km / day to rent a motorhome. SIXT will not limit you in the raid, you can arrange higher raids when booking caravans with an employee of the SIXT car rental. They will be happy to give you a calculation for your planned caravan rental. TIRES We will take care of you, as you are used to from SIXT. For Adria cars, we have assistance services for tire changes, vehicle breakdowns or other unforeseen situations. Feel free to go abroad and enjoy a holiday with a caravan in Austria, Germany, Italy or discover the beauties of remote corners of Slovakia or Poland. Or go fishing in Scandinavia or skiing in France. HIGHWAY TOLL The motorhomes are equipped with motorway signs for the Czech Republic, for Austria and Switzerland on request!
CAMPING We also equip ADRIA cars with kitchen utensils (knives, spoons, even legendary saucers - all made of metal or porcelain). In the kitchen you will also find such small items as a jar for dishes or tea towels. You will also have a spare PROPAN BUTAN gas bomb for cooking. We cooperate with our customer SIXT operating lease (FLAGA). From working with the hotel chain HILTON, we learned how to take care of a guest in a hotel room. And so these caravans are also equipped with quality washable duvets, pillows and bedding (usually for 4-6 people). With regard to the hygienic rules of COVID-19, bedding is not currently part of the rental. We want you to relax on holiday and next time you rent a SIXT "mobile hotel" from Sixt. The ADRIA cars are fitted with easy-to-operate awnings for protection against the sun or rain. Your caravan camping will be as adventurous and comfortable as in a cozy and modern hotel. The equipment also includes a folding table and 4 reclining chairs, as well as a barbecue. Camping without breakfast and dinner in nature? And have a bed and your own private bathroom with you? Isn't this the kind of luxury for the time we live in? EUROPEAN AIRPORTS You can ask for offer of delivery/pickup of czech motorhome in any west european city.
MOTORHOME DELIVERY If you do not use FREE parking of your car in parking spaces in the covered garages of the SIXT branch at the Main Railway Station in Prague, we will be happy to bring your car home for a fee to any other location including other countries of Europe. SIXT RENT A CARAVAN has experience in delivering cars, so we will also bring you a motorhome. SANITARY FACILITIES The motorhome has its own separate lockable shower and toilet with sink. The equipment from us also includes special chemistry for the toilet and special toilet paper. We think about your comfort until the last minute of your enjoy and holiday. CYCLING ADRIA caravans have holders for up to four wheels and others can fit in the so-called motorhome garage (at the rear of the motorhome). We can even lend you 2 mountain bikes with you for FREE. Of course, a well-thought-out rental in detail - incl. bicycle lock and basic tools for bicycle repairs on the road.

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