As any seasoned traveler will tell you, there is nothing compared to the comfort of exploring a foreign country in ones own car. When exploring the Kreis districts of Zurich, having to be subjected to the route schedules of public transportation or the price gouging taxi cab drivers is not what you want to be spending your time doing. The elegant canton of Zurich was meant to be enjoyed. For smart travelers that mean taking advantage of the modern Sixt Car Rental services that can be easily found there. In Switzerland, to rent a car with Sixt has never been easier.


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Zurich By The Back Road with Sixt

Once you have your car hired for the day, take time to examine the complimentary map provided by most reputable Sixt Car Rental services
The map will help you become familiar with any important roads or popular attractions. The most popular first stop is for new comers is a sip of what Switzerland is known for, Hot Chocolate. Hop in your rental car and head for the Altstadt, home to the best cafes in Zurich. The Swiss redefined hot chocolate into a form of art, and you are only a car ride away.

Just a short car ride away is the Linderhof area, the old town of Zurich, and site of some of the most respected art museums in Europe. Zurich is impressively old, and nowhere is that more obvious that driving the streets of old town. The site of your rental car amidst the fountains and cobblestones of one of Europes oldest cities will be unforgettable. The museums of Zurich contain the most famous names in art history, such as Munch, Braque, and Pablo Picasso. Be sure to take your time absorbing these impressive pieces.

As a courteousy, Sixt Car Rental services include a toll pass to making paying tolls easier. This can really come in handy when driving to the rugged Höngg district. The Höngg is the place to picnic in Zurich because of the breathtaking views. Hiking up the Käferberg Mountain range affords those lucky enough to make it to the top of a commanding view of Lake Zurich. Truly one of the natural gems of the Swiss.
Sixt rental cars often expose you to sights and scenes you wouldnt normally see in everyday life. Being curious about back roads and discovering local restaurants is part and parcel of the whole romance that comes when you rent a car.


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