If you're planning a trip to the Netherlands, take a few minutes to rent a car from Sixt. Whether you need an SUV, a convertible, a van, a sports car, or a luxury car, Sixt is your go-to car rental agency for reliable vehicles and reasonable prices.


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Rent a Car in the Netherlands with Sixt

No matter if you have a log list of places to visit or just love the freedom and convenience of driving your own car, you will get around the Netherlands with ease with a Sixt rent a car. We have car rental branches all over the Netherlands, making it easy to fly and drive no matter where or how you arrive.


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Important Rules and Tips for Driving in the Netherlands

Using a car rental in the Netherlands is a great way to get around and sightsee. Remember these important dos and don'ts when driving on Dutch roads:

  • Drive on the right side of the road, and overtake on the left.
  • Always carry your driver's licence, car registration documents and insurance papers in the car.
  • Do not use a mobile phone without a hands-free feature.
  • Seat belts are compulsory for both front and rear passengers
  • Children under 18 and smaller than 4.43 inches must sit in special car seats.
  • Give priority to all vehicles coming from your right unless a sign post indicates otherwise.

Knowing the basic traffic rules will help you rent a car in the Netherlands with confidence and avoid costly fines.


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What to Do with Your Car rental in the Netherlands

Use a car rental in the Netherlands with Sixt to make it easy to explore what the Netherlands has to offer. From wonderful historical attractions and awe-inspiring natural scenery to exciting nightlife and places to relax, the Netherlands has something for every visitor. Explore the magical land of Holland in the comfort of a Sixt rental car. Pick up your car rental at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, and then take a tour around the city to visit its numerous museums and art galleries. If you're on a family vacation, a car hire will allow you to take children to the many theme parks, zoos and nature parks scattered across the Netherlands.


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