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Prague Airport Transfers

Sixt Limousine private transfer service gives you the advantage of privacy, comfort and time savings travelling to the city center. We will not charge you – on the contrary of the ordinary street Prague taxi – by each kilometer, but you will be charged for a vehicle, no matter how long the journey will take, no matter how much time you spend in traffic, no matter what time of a day you will be travelling.

All that matters is the group size – we will choose the adequate vehicle.



Extra luggage ?

No need to worry. The only thing we ask you is to make a note „ extra luggage“ and we will take care of it – upgrade to minivan for free.


Why to use our Private Airport Transfer Service ?

  • Time savings
  • Comfort
  • Privacy
  • Personalized welcome treatment

All the benefits for a great price !!!


How much time you can save using our Sixt Privat Prague Airport Service ?


         Privat Transfer                                                         Public Transport

Prague Airport <–> City Center                                Prague Airport <–> City Center

      25 minute                                         60 minute

         Transfer time                                                             Transfer time