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Prague Airport Transfers

Sixt Limousine private transfer service gives you the advantage of privacy, comfort and time savings travelling to the city center. We will not charge you – on the contrary of the ordinary street Prague taxi – by each kilometer, but you will be charged for a vehicle, no matter how long the journey will take, no matter how much time you spend in traffic, no matter what time of a day you will be travelling.

All that matters is the group size – we will choose the adequate vehicle.



Extra luggage ?

No need to worry. The only thing we ask you is to make a note „ extra luggage“ and we will take care of it – upgrade to minivan for free.


Why to use our Private Airport Transfer Service ?

  • Time savings
  • Comfort
  • Privacy
  • Personalized welcome treatment

All the benefits for a great price !!!


How much time you can save using our Sixt Privat Prague Airport Service ?


         Privat Transfer                                                         Public Transport

Prague Airport <–> City Center                                Prague Airport <–> City Center

      25 minute                                         60 minute

         Transfer time                                                             Transfer time

Limousine Service

You can use the Sixt Limousine transfer service and let us take you to your departure or to take you from the Prague Airport to the Prague City Center. Our drivers are fully trained, professional, multilingual and reliable and are trained in driving in complicated trafic situations. You can trust Sixt Limousine Service transfer - you will always reach your destination on time. Sixt can replace even our favorite taxi. You get such professional service for such great price !!!