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 Sixt rental service employees

Rent a car or a truck

Easily and cheaply: organize your business fleet.

Sixt Express Rental

Forget queues - express vehicle rental a pick up.

Sixt Cards

Your key to the fast lane - skip the queues and the rental formalities.

Guide for renting

Booking, renting, dropoff, billing, damage...

General Terms & Conditions

All you need to know about bookings for vehicles by SIXT.

Mobile and iPhone reservation

Use the mobile portal to book a rental car anywhere. Optimize your time and use your PDA phone or Blackberry.



Help from SIXT

Copy of invoice - here

Rent a car Hotlines - in Czech Republic

Rent a car reservations:
+420 22 23 24 995  
Sixt Quick-Check-In:
Damage event:
report the station where you rent a car
phone: +420 1213
(Automobile Bohemia Assistance)  
Rent a car Hotlines - in Europe
Rent a car Reservation:
+49 180 5252525 (0,14EUR/min)
Sixt Mobile-Check-In:
+49 180 5002202 (0,14EUR/min)
Damage messages:
+49 180 5269999 (0,14EUR/min)
Accident replacement:
+49 180 5266255 (0,14EUR/min)  

Hotline - calling from foreign countries to Germany

Rent a car Reservation:
+ 49 180 5232222 (0,14EUR/min)

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