Quick Check-In

Sixt Quick Check-In

SIXT Online - check- in

You can also book your desired car easily and quickly via Sixt Online-Check-In. As a Sixt client your data has already been saved in our system.
Benefit from the flexibility of Sixt Online-Check-In: Even a few days in advance - this service is available for any reservation.
Furthermore, rebookings can be made at any time. The vehicle pick-up takes place at the Sixt station without waiting times or red tape. Your vehicle is waiting for you!

This is how Sixt Online-Check-In works

  • Log in via Sixt Online-Check-In and fill out the corresponding reservation form.
  • Head to the express counter at your Sixt station (at chosen stations).
  • Simply swap your signature for the car keys.

It´s so simple!

Sixt Quick Check-In Terminal

New Sixt Check- in options

SIXT Quick-Check-In Terminal

This service provides you a direct hire at the Sixt Quick-Check-In terminal. Condition for using this service is that you are in possession of a Sixt Express Card and that you have already made a reservation. Then your rental contract is created in 4 easy and quick steps.

This is how Sixt Quick-Check-In works:

  • Insert your Sixt Express Card or credit card into the terminal.
  • The terminal detcts your card automatically and shows you the reservation. You have the possibility of booking extras like winter tires.
  • Select your car out of three vehicles. Confirm the booking details and print your rental agreement.
  • Then open the safe and take the vehicle keys.


Benefit of the Sixt Quick-Check-In Service at many international locations Sixt Quick-check-in


  • Munich
  • Cologne/Bonn
  • Hamburg
  • Berlin-Tegel
  • Frankfurt
  • Düsseldorf
  • Stuttgart
  • Nice
  • Manchester
  • Sylt

Train Stations

  • Hamburg Hauptbahnhof


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