Prague Florenc Bus Terminal Car Rental

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Address: Sixt Car Rental   MO - SA 08.30 - 19.30
  Křižíkova 1/Ke Štvanici   Bank holidays 10.30 - 17.00
  110 00 Prague      
Location: city      
SIXT #: 41500      

Welcome in the Prague Florenc Bus Terminal

Prague Florenc Bus Terminal Sixt

The Sixt Prague Florenc Bus Terminal is only a virtual office. Very easy and on the costs of Sixt, you can get to the nearest branch.  Wherever you are in place of virtual office or in your hotel, taxi service will drive you for free and with comfort (up to cost of 300 CZK) to the nearesr Sixt rent a car office.

As mentioned, cost in the value up to 300 CZK will be refund within the contract. The price of taxi service from virtual stand to Sixt office to the Prague Main Station, Wilsonova st. 300 is from 180 - 250 CZK. Please keep the receipt and take it to our office and we will repay it.

Reserve your vehicle now, and we will drive you for FREE and in COMFORT to Sixt rent a car branch.




Categories and Services

  • Compact Cars & Sedans



    • MO - SU 08.30 - 19.30
      Bank Holiday 10.30 - 17.00
    • SIXT # Prague Florenc Bus Terminal PRGC03 Krizikova 1/Ke Stvanici 110 00 Praha
      50.083650, 14.434544 +420-2-22324995 +420-2-66007013

      SIXT # Prague Florenc Bus Terminal PRGC03

      Krizikova 1/Ke Stvanici
      110 00 Praha

      Phone +420-2-22324995
      Fax +420-2-66007013

    • Your way to Sixt:
      When you arrive at Prague Florenc, Krizikova street please transfer to the Sixt branch Prague Main Train Station (Praha Hlavní nadrazi), Wilsonova street 300, where you find us at the parking area of the Railway building. You can either take a taxi or use the red tube line C to the main train station. The distance from Florenc to the branch at the main train station is approximately 750 metres. Your Sixt vehicle is ready for you there. Please keep the taxi receipt or subway ticket and Sixt will refund you the transfer cost within the rental agreement. The taxi ride should take about 10 minutes.

      How to return the Sixt vehicle:
      Please note, that it is only possible to return the Sixt vehicle at Sixt branch Main Train Station, Wilsonova street 300. The Sixt branch is located directly in front of the main train station.

    • Wilsonova 300/8
      120 00 Praha

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