What documents do you need to rent a car?

At the Sixt counter the employee will require a valid driver's license and an embossed payment card which will be blocked by a certain amount (depending on the tip of leased vehicles) as a guarantee for vehicle rental.

I have reserved the vehicle for example at 15 pm but I'll be late. It is possible to pick up the vehicle at a different time?

Yes, the change of pickup time is possible. Please contact our central departement of reservation that do the change according your requirements and options of branch office.

It is possible to rent a car in the Czech Republic and return it in another country?

Yes, the vehicle that you rent at the Sixt branch in the Czech Republic you can return in any Sixt foreign branch. That doesn´t apply in the countries where the travelling with our cars are prohibited. This service is paid according the chosen destination.

If some stranger damages rented vehicle for example on the parking, I am responsible for this damage?

Yes, you are responsible for the vehicle during rental period. This applies even if you don´t physically use the vehicle and the vehicle is just parked.

Is it necessary to return the vehicle with a full tank?

It´s only your decision. If you return the vehicle with a missing fuel you will be charged the amount of the missing (price of fuel + price of refueling services). Furthermore, you can subscribe a refueling of a tank for a fee, then you don´t have to deal the amount of fuel during the vehicle return.

Reservations departement:
+420 22 23 24 995

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