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What is included in insurance:

Your rental car insurance includes the Liability insurance for damage caused by vehicles (car insurance), (except for some tariffs) insurance against damage the vehicle and against theft.

The Liability insurance for damage caused by vehicles:

This car insurance is given by law and is therefore included in all tariffs. If you are involved in an accident for which you are responsible, this insurance covers damage to the other side and to 2 000 000 CZK.

The insurance against damage and theft of the vehicle:

The insurance against damage of the vehicle relate to damage of the vehicle caused by yourself (unintentional). Theft insurance does not cover costs associated with the replacement of the vehicle or its parts that have been stolen. All drivers still have an obligation participation (refundable deposit).

The size of the participation:

usually max. 10%, min. 10.000CZK from the damage value for each insured event

for customers wiht Sixt Express card can be negotiated fixed participation ECMN – 9450CZK; EDMR, CDMR - 12600CZK; CDAR, CWMR, IDMR, IWMR, ITMR, SDMR, SVAR, SWMR, A - 15750CZK; FDMR, FFMR, PDAR, XTMR - 31500CZK

The Other driver:

You want to drive a vehicle somebody else for example friends, colleagues, family members. You must submit driving licence for each next driver and the additional driver fee is 675CZK for everyone.

What to do if I become involved in an accident:

Call ACA1213 phone: 1213 and tell them that you have a car from Sixt!

Call the SIXT departement where you borrowed the car (or call the reservation departement 22 23 24 995).

Fill in the traffic accident report and have a signature of counterparty with the registration who is the offender.

It´s good to call the police (line 158) who investigate everything and draw up a report.  Don´t forget to ask the police report (or at least the reference number). A police investigation is mandatory under current law or the requirements of insurance companies. Find out before hiring at its branch or an accident.

Write down the names and contact information (address) of all participants of the accident. Secure the vehicle so couldn´t cause another accident or wasn´t be stolen. Contact some of our branches. You must fill in the insurance report that you find in the vehicle documents. The same process applies when it detects that the vehicle was damaged / stollen during your absence.

The terms of our insurance program:

By signing the rental contract you agree with the terms of the insurance program. Unless you buy insurance against damage and theft for your rent, we won´t charge you the payment of all the damage caused by damage or theft of the vehicle. You are responsible only up to the amount of your deductible which is indicated on the rental contract. But we can charge full compensation if it was your fault or the fault of authorized driver in the event that:

  1. The vehicle was overloaded.
  2. Any damage of the upper part of vehicle caused by the running objects/obstacles.
  3. The vehicle was used for racing, speed testing or teaching proceeding.
  4. The vehicle was used to transport paying passengers.
  5. The vehicle was used in breach of any part of the agreement which is printed on the back of the rental contract.
  6. The vehicle was used for the purpose for which it is necessary certificate which you do not hold.
  7. The vehicle was driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs or the driver was not otherwise eligible to drive.
  8. You aren´t properly secure the rented car or check its proper lockout.
  9. It was used improper fuel.
  10. The price for repair falls within the amount of your complicity.


Prices include VAT

Corporate customers may have other conditions.